ROHR2flange analiz modulü
Bağlantı noktası stres analizi
Ürün Kodu :

Flange design acc. to EN 1591-1, ASME VIII, Div.1

Flange analysis with the module ROHR2flange.
ROHR2flange is part of the ROHR2 standard package and provides analyses acc.

- EN 1591-1:2011,
- ASME VIII, Div.1:2010

  • Automatic analysis of all flanges in the system taking into account all load cases. The number of load cases can be reduced by the user.

  • Automatic generation of load case combinations required for the analyses.

  • Simple pre-settings of the flange parameters by means of standard values for flanges, screws and gaskets.

  • The flanges may be modified individually and in detail.

  • Report of the calculation results in a list.

ROHR2nozzle analiz modulü
Bağlantı noktası stres analizi
Ürün Kodu :

Analysis of the loads following several standards for nozzles at a pumps and vessels which are part of the ROHR2 project. The nozzle analysis is carried out by the module ROHR2nozzle. ROHR2nozzle is part of the ROHR2 standard package.

At the moment these standards are part of the nozzle analysis:

  • API 610
  • API 617
  • API 661
  • DIN ISO 9905
  • NEMA SM23
  • Nozzle Spec
  • EN ISO 5199
  • DIN EN ISO 10437
  • DIN EN ISO 10440
  • DIN EN ISO 13709
  • Allowable loads acc. to manual input in ROHR2

Calculated loads are transferred from the ROHR2 pipe stress project. The allowable stresses are determined depending on the standard.
The stress utilization will be analyzed and documented. In addition the nozzle analyses may be carried out independent of the ROHR2 model. In this case the maximum occurring loads need to be inserted manually.
A documentation  is given out for all calculated components.

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